7.3 MarkLogic (marklogic.com)

MarkLogic is a commercial NoSQL database that is designed to integrate, store, manage, and search data. Its document-centric way of storing data (JSON, XML, RDF, binary files, etc) is a good fit for hierarchical data. MarkLogic comes with GUI tools to create quick web applications and REST APIs for certain databases.

Regarding archiving goals, MarkLogic is a good option, in both clustered and standalone configurations.. Data can be moved into different storage options (from local disks to cloud services) depending on how recent the data is, providing a cost-effective way of having historical and new data together in the same location.

MarkLogic has also a strong emphasis of search of structured and unstructured content. JSON keys, XML tags and text content are indexed during the ingestion process, and MarkLogic Search API (in XQuery, Java or Javascript) provides powerful functions for querying text, properties and metadata.

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