Component content management handbook

A semantic approach

Author: Barnabas Davoti ([email protected])

Updated: 2017-04-15

Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

Who should read this book?

This book provides a generic view on semantic structure driven component content management and publishing. It’s not a product presentation and you won’t find any commercial product reference here neither. It was written to help people who needs content management to understand this field better. It can help you to clarify your own requirements when you’re introducing a CMS or want to improve your current workflow in your company.

It does not require technical knowledge, but I occasionally refer to standard technologies on the high level. I mention them because I want to emphasize their functional benefits (so WHY use them) and not try to teach HOW to use them.

It’s not a tutorial, but a guide using a very pragmatic approach. I won’t dive very deep in any topic, instead try to give you the big picture on the conceptual level. It can help to find the right direction.

Intentionally I don’t use abstract business or technical language which is hard to understand. The text is clean and kept short, which increases the chance that people will actually read it. I’ll keep this book up-to-date as technology advances.

About the author

I’m an information architect and programmer who worked 20 years on CMS products and also on projects with semantic content. I made information structure design, workflows, publishing automation. I’m very passionate about this field.


I’m determined to keep this book up-to-date in the long run. I’d appreciate any feedback which helps me to do this. So please send me feedback if you found this book helpful, if you miss or want to correct something… or just if you want to help to keep my motivation up. Please contact me at [email protected].

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