Choosing the right CMS

It’s a demanding, challenging task, mission critical decision, use time on it! Also think system wide and consider the role of the CMS in the company’s architecture. Will the new CMS have a central role and all the publishing, 3rd party data integration be built around it? How many dependencies will this have? Will it be easy to replace the CMS later on with another (better) one later on?

A short (and incomplete) checklist:

  • Web or rich client?
  • Authoring tool (XML editor):
    • Rich desktop app
    • Web desktop
    • Mobile client
  • CMS functionality (detailed earlier... ) How much of the required functionality will be covered as out of box, how big the custom layer will be?
  • Usability?
  • Performance?
  • Customizability
    • Client side: can I hide unnecessary GUI elements? Can I add new ones.
    • Server side:
      • Can I modify the behaviour of out of box operations?
      • Can I add new operations?
      • Backend? Can I access fragments of an XML document easy and fast? Metadata and link data access?
  • Does it have a publishing engine or I must build a custom one?
  • Based on open standards?
  • Technical environment
    • Possible vendors support the CMS
    • Do we have local knowledge for hosting, maintenance or further development?

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