CMS customization

Editorial customization

  • Schema specific XML editor stylesheet to provide close to WYSIWYG editing.
  • Custom link creation - link creation is provided on the higher, project specific level. Either fully automated, triggered by an other event or operation, or semi-automated, for example filtered link targets are listed based the actual context.

Data flow integration, publishing

The most common CLS customization is integrating the CLS into the company’s data/content flow. Maybe some content keeps coming as unstructured and we need a routine which uptranslates it.

Content authored in the local CMS must find its way to content consumers, human or machine readers - done by a publishing engine which must be integrated with the CMS and some publishing platforms.

Global data validation

Beyond content validation (which works on the content unit / document level) we often need to test data consistency on a wider, system level. We should check data relations across XML documents, what’s not controlled by any XML schema. The CMS core or custom code probably does, but this code is changing and can have bugs. Usually not all the content/data is actively used, updated daily, part of it just lies there and if system updates lead to data consistencies, that can remain hidden for long a time… unless we keep testing the whole data set.

One possible approach is to export all XML content and data, load it into an XML database (if the CMS does not use one) and define test cases using XML queries. These queries can work across XML documents, can test for example object relations, generated content or indexes… etc.

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