Data archiving, application decommissioning, merging data silos

An XML based approach

Author: Barnabas Davoti ([email protected])

Review: Zdenek Zikan ([email protected]), Nuno Cardoso ([email protected])

Updated: 2018-01-26

Who should read this book?

This article provides a generic view on how to make any arbitrary data read-only accessible for end-users.

It's a prerequisite for quite many business cases:

  • archiving
  • application decommissioning
  • merging data silos
  • ...

I’ll go through different scenarios specific to the

  • source data to be archived
  • end user data access requirements
  • software to use

It’s not a tutorial, but a guide using a very pragmatic approach. I won’t dive very deep into any topic, instead, try to give you the big picture on the conceptual level. It can help to find the right direction.

Intentionally I don’t use abstract business or technical language which is hard to understand. The text is clean and kept short.

Reading this article does not require deep technical knowledge. I occasionally refer to standard technologies on the high level. I mention them because I want to emphasize their functional benefits (so WHY use them) and not try to teach HOW to use them. Anyone can read this article who has the business needs listed above.

About the author

I’m an information architect and programmer who worked 20 years on content management products and also on projects with semantic content. I made information structure design, workflows, publishing automation.

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